Laftehus OÜ is a company based on private Norwegian capital assets. The main field of activity of the company is manufacturing of pinewood living- and summerhouses as well as their realization mostly in Norway. Since 1997 the company has delivered more than 500 log houses – that has laid the foundation to significant amount of experience and competence, routines and quality.

In order to offer its customers as competitive prices as possible, maintaining high quality of production at the same time, the manufacturing of Laftehus has been set up in Estonia, foremost due to lower production expenses. In spite of Estonia being still a step behind compared to Norwegian economy figures, the quality of Estonian materials and skills of Estonian handicraftsmen are up to Norwegian ones. The material is purposefully and carefully chosen local pine of high quality. The customer may choose between houses made of round beam or saw log of various diameters. Sizes of the houses vary from twenty up to several hundred square meters.

One of the most substantial prerequisites in gaining the requested final result is drying of used logs and saw materials. In order to guarantee its customers maximum balance throughout drying has Laftehus invested in a modern log drying system. It consists of a huge vacuum container supplied with both heat and humidity sensors, which both are driven by an advanced data program. The logs are firstly being stabled to frames in the container, and then through warm elements heat is being let into it. The cell temperature is gradually being heated up to 63 Celsius. Thereafter the vacuum pumps are being started. These absorb the humidity from logs until desired humidity-level of 20% is being reached. After drying, all logs are being checked for humidity, planed and stored.

Regardless that the houses are manufactured in Estonia, the style and building standards of Norway have in every respect been taken into account in the process itself. We are using various types of dove details, but most frequently the Norwegian dove detail, which has been developed through centuries and is extremely wind- and waterproof, is being used. After a house is ready all logs are being numbered and packed.

Laftehus OÜ’s administrative and sales office lays in Tartu, manufacturing in Valga County, Õru.

Monthly production of Laftehus amounts to 1200 wall sqms. All of drawing-materials are being made in Archi-Cad program, and sent to clients in pdf-format. Our production area contains a sawmill, production hall of 1560 sqms with four revers-cranes, two (500 and 600 sqms) halls where all materials are being cut and preformed. Two vacuum dryers, a shop-floor of 150 sqms and an administrative building of 50 sqms with local office and other rooms needed. All in all, the under-roof area amounts to 4800 sqms.

Laftehus OÜ provides mainly log frames, but it is possible to order a completed set of house with all materials needed. All necessary drawings, such as plans, facades, cross sections, fundament and put-together drawings will follow every log building as a natural part of it. There will be close cooperation with customer from the moment of presenting the order up to handing over the house. We will regularly forward information by phone, fax or e-mail and send additional photo materials about the course of production, so that our customer will have complete overview of building process of the house at any moment of time.

There is a great number of different standard models of both living- and summerhouses in our archives, but there lays a natural possibility for everyone to order a building according to one’s drawings or requests.

In case you would dream of a stylish, natural, nice and healthy house of high quality, which could be afforded at a moderate price level, then – Welcome as a client at Laftehus!

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e-mail: laftehus@laftehus.ee
Tehase 16, 50107 Tartu, Estonia


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